Java problem of the week - Minimum Depth of a Tree

Ackshaey singh Ackshaey Singh | @ackshaey | 10 May, 2016

There's something about Tree based problems that makes them very popular with interviewers. Most tree based coding problems need about 20 lines of code to answer correctly, and yet they require a fairly decent knowledge of Computer Science fundamentals. Most tree based coding problems c...

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Problem of the week - Loop in a Singly Linked List

Ashish srivastava Ashish Srivastava | @ashishsrtechie | 23 Jan, 2016

John, an interviewee had been working hard for his big day with Yahoo. An interviewer calls him and after a brief introduction, asks him another classic; can you detect a loop in a singly linked list ? How should have John handled this ? This classic is also know as cycle detection prob...

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Problem of the week - Fibonacci

Ashish srivastava Ashish Srivastava | @ashishsrtechie | 13 Oct, 2015

This week we're back with one more simple, yet very common interview question. Fibonacci Series. 0,1,1,2,3,5,…… Wiki link. This is an interview favorite with...

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Problem of the week - Power

Ashish srivastava Ashish Srivastava | @ashishsrtechie | 5 Oct, 2015

Google has positioned itself as a dream company for almost all software engineers for quite some time now. With one of the lowest interview success rates and some of the hardest coding interview questions, getting a job at Google as a software engineer is hard, BUT, it's not a moonshot. This w...

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Problem of the week - Anagram

Ashish srivastava Ashish Srivastava | @ashishsrtechie | 21 Sep, 2015

Imagine you are about to receive a call from a Facebook interviewer and you are nervously biting your nails, hoping for things to go well. The phone rings, and after a brief introduction and small talk, Seregey throws the following question your way - Write a function...

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Keys to the Kingdom

Swathi jay Swathi Jay | @swathjay | 17 Aug, 2015

The Software Developer role and related positions in Silicon valley (and beyond) are getting increasingly lucrative., the world’s largest job search site reported that the average Silicon Valley salary for software developers was around $129,000 i...

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What all coding interviews have in common

Ackshaey singh Ackshaey Singh | @ackshaey | 13 Aug, 2015

So, you’re here because you know a thing or two about coding interviews. Maybe you’re a college senior, preparing your job application for Microsoft or Google. Or maybe you’re a software industry veteran, working in a large enterprise software company, flirting with startups. When it comes to ...

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